Master Gardeners Teach Each Other

Teacher in front of classroom
Jane Cram presented a program on vermicomposting, the use of kitchen scraps to help raise worms to create compost for the garden

Douglas County Master Gardeners came together for their monthly meeting on Saturday November 19th to teach each other. Monthly programs are usually taught by experts from the surrounding area, but this time it was members of the group sharing their passions and knowledge about gardening. The presentations included;

(1) “The Science of Vermicomposting” by Jane Cram,
(2) “Flowering Parasites” by Jack Landgrebe,
(3) “If It’s Too Good To Be True, Then It Probably Is: Diseases of Ornamental Roses” by Karen McGrath,
(4) “Clematis Challenges” by Susan Rendall,
(5) “Native Lawn Grasses” by Jill Kleinberg,
(6) “Lasagna Gardening” by Karen Ragland.

Speakers shared pictures, passed out helpful handouts and answered questions. This was an excellent educational opportunity and a way to show off the resources within the Master Gardeners group!

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