Gardening 101 Class Offered to the Public

The Douglas County Master Gardeners with offer a Gardening 101 Class to the public on Saturday, April 14th from 9am until 12 noon. This is a basic class and includes climate/weather conditions, soil, lawns and more. Teaching will be local Master Gardeners Jon Standing, Jack Landgrebe, Jan Butin, Sheila Reynolds. The class will be at the Douglas County Extension Office complex in the Dreher Building. The complex at 2110 Harper in the Douglas County Fairgrounds in Lawrence. $10 registration, space is limited, registration required,785- 843-7058.

A follow-up course Gardening 102 will be offered on Saturday, August 25th and will include trees/shrubs, soil, weather/climate, diseases and pests & houseplants sessions.

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