Master Gardeners in Service

Howdy and welcome to our page! I’ve been gone for a bit, so I haven’t posted here in awhile. I managed to get a few days of vacation and also to keep my garden alive and harvest some tomatoes…IT’S BLT TIME!!!

Ok now for the business at hand..note the title. Extension Master Gardeners mission includes disseminating information and serving their community. The Douglas County EMG (three letter abbreviation) manage to do these things in many ways. Today I want to talk about two projects we are doing with a new twist this year.

Master Gardener Joe Forinash is one of many this year to spend time visiting with the public at the Lawrence Farmer’s Market.

As in past years, we have a booth each Saturday at the Lawrence Farmer’s Market. This year under the leadership of Kate Forinash and Wendy Shoemaker, each week we have a different topic and EMG on hand to share their knowledge and passion for that topic. Here’s some number from this year’s activities as reported by Kate Forinash.

“So far this year, 23 master gardeners have staffed the Farmer’s Market MG table and over 1000 persons have stopped by to talk about gardening and ask for information and resources.  By the end of this season, we anticipate that 40 master gardeners will have volunteered their time and that the number of contacts may reach 1500+.
These are the topics that we have covered through this Saturday:
 Monarch Watch and butterfly habitats, Historic Tree project, Water management, Veggie gardens, Shade gardens, Gardening in small spaces, Xeriscaping, Just Food and Plant-a-row for the hungry, Vermiculture and  Water Gardens.
Future topics will include Insect Identification, Gardening 101, Herb Gardening, Native Grasses, Turf car, Demo Gardens, K State publications and on-line horticulture newsletter, Master Gardeners in the community – speaker’s bureau, Junior Master Gardeners, Monarch Watch, Trees for your garden and yard and Composting.”
Coming soon; Part two in this series; EMG and Just Food
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