Master Gardeners in Service, Part Two

As promised here is part two!

This is an example of the produce collected by the Douglas County Master Gardeners for Just Food…and only a TINY amount of the total!

Another important service we provide is the collection of produce. Each Saturday at the Lawrence Farmer’s Market at closing, Master Gardeners circulate and solicit donations from growers. The surplus produce they so generously give is taken to the Just Food a local food bank supplying 35 plus local food agencies. Just food and it’s partners play a key role in fighting hunger in our community.

Our program is under the leadership of Cynthia Haines, also a Master Gardener. She recruits and coordinates us to help solicit and haul produce to Just Food’s warehouse in Lawrence. As of July 14, 2012 we have gathered 12,731 pounds, over two tons of food! That helped Just Food to serve 7,047 people in the month of June alone.

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