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Call,email or stop by for the Horticulture Hotline...

Call,email or stop by for the Horticulture Hotline…

A key role Master Gardeners is to operate the Horticulture Hotline. Area residents can call in, email or stop by and ask questions about insects, ;plant disease and other problems with their lawn and garden. Regular days and hours for the hotline are seasonal, running from April 1 to October 31. In the off-season the County Horticulture staff can also field queries. Here’s a report on the 2012 hotline activities courtesy of Sheila Reynolds, the hotline committee chairperson.

“In 2012 we were open 160 days during the regular season and 13 days during the winter. We
responded to 728 contacts, answering a total of 853 questions. Here is a breakdown of the percentage of types of questions:”

Trees and shrubs (29%)              Pests (21%)
Fruits & Vegetables (18%)          Turf (10%)
Weeds ( 8%)                               Flowers ( 8%)
Other (6%)

If you call in the off-season, the Horticulture Extension Agent, Jennifer Smith, or the Horticulture Program Assistant, Stan Ring, will help you. Here’s how to contact the hotline.

Call 843-7058, e-mail dgemg@sunflower.com, or stop by our office at 2110 Harper Street, Lawrence, to get answers to all of your garden questions. Extension Master Gardeners man the hotline from 1:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m. Monday – Friday, April 1 – October 31.

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