A Sneak Preview of the Gardens on the Tour

Welcome to the demo garden!

Welcome to the demo garden!

In my last post you read about the upcoming Garden Tour here in Douglas County. Because you stopped by this page today you can get a “sneak preview” of the gardens that are on the tour. Every few days I’ll add another garden.

Today is Garden #1; the Master Gardeners own Demonstration Gardens at the County Extension office. This will be a key point for the tour for tickets, our plant sale, etc, and the amazing gardens. Here’s a bit of detail on what you can see there.

“Here you can explore gardens designed for sun, shade and water conservation. Some require no water, others soak up water runoff; there are grass gardens, herb, shrub and vegetable gardens. Have a plant problem or gardening question? See a Master Gardener in the Demonstration Gardens.”

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