The Plant Lists from the Tour Garden…Jackpot!!!

Day one is completed for the 2013 Garden Tour…we had a nice day for weather, and I hope a big turnout?! One of the “bonus” features to go along with my tour previews is the list of plants as seen at the gardens. Lots of visitors love to get the insider info on what all the varieties they saw today are named. So…I’m linking to the lists on the Douglas County Extension page where the plant lists are posted in handy PDF format; great for printing or downloading. Follow the links and enjoy!

UPDATE- We had a correction about a plant in the Lockwood garden; a plant labelled as blue-grey sedge is actually a Canyon Price Giant Rye.

Landscaping for pollinators The Margarete Johnson Garden-

Low maintenance oasis The Laura Lockwood Garden-

Edible landscape The Holly Journey and Devin Zell Garden-

Naturally designed for entertaining The Jill Bogard Garden-

Fun, four-season habitat The Megan and Jeffrey McGlinn Garden-

Garden design through a photographer’s eye The Diane Guthrie Gardens-

Landscaping for education The Douglas County Master Gardener’s Demonstration Gardens-

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