Thursday Twofer

Well I’m back! Sorry for the silence…I took a short vacation and have been working at the house for a few days…so…

rakeFirst here’s a report from P. Allen Smith on new types of tools to rake  leaves. Looks interesting.  Here is the link;


Next, it’s time to take care of those last tomatoes. Ward Upham at K-State has some good guidance on this subject.
Last Tomatoes of the Season

Ready for storage photo by Paul Goebel

Ready for storage
photo by Paul Goebel

Cold nights are increasing in frequency now that we are into October. If you have tomatoes, you may have some that are approaching maturity.  Leave them on the vine until mature or until a frost is forecast. Tomatoes will ripen off the vine but must have reached a certain phase of maturity called the ‘mature green stage.’ Look for full-sized tomatoes with a white, star-shaped zone on the bottom end of the green fruit.
When harvesting fruit before a frost, separate tomatoes into three groups for storage: those that are mostly red, those that are just starting to turn, and those that are still green. Discard tomatoes with defects such as rots or breaks in the skin.  Place the tomatoes on cardboard trays or cartons but use layers of newspaper to separate fruit if stacked. Occasionally a tomato may start to rot and leak juice. The newspaper will keep the juice from contacting nearby or underlying fruit. Store groups of tomatoes at as close to 55 degrees as possible until needed

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