Fall Todo List





Here’s a good list of chores to do before winter.

General Landscape
*Remove weeds before they go to seed.
*Clean up garden areas to reduce insect and disease problems.
*Enrich soil by adding organic matter (peat moss or compost).
*Around Thanksgiving, give everything a good watering (unless ground is frozen).

Vegetables & Fruits
*Remove fallen fruit from the ground to prevent disease and insect damage.
*Dig sweet potatoes, cure for a week or two in a warm spot, store for winter.

*Plant spring-flowering bulbs (tulips, daffodils, and others) in the fall before the ground freezes. Add phosphorus- especially spring bloomers.
*Remove seed heads from perennials to prevent reseeding; leave some (such as coneflower seeds) to feed birds and add interest to your fall garden.
rich bone meal to the bottom of each planting hole.
*Dig and divide peonies, daylilies and iris. Share some with friends.
*Divide overgrown perennials,

Trees & Shrubs
*Rake fallen leaves; compost them, or mow them into shreds to use as garden mulch
*Pick bagworms by hand; place them in tightly sealed bags and discard.
*Prune broken, dead or diseased branches.
*To ensure bloom, avoid pruning spring-flowering shrubs such as lilac and forsythia.
*Once leaves have fallen, transplant small trees and shrubs.

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