What Can You Do with Inspiration and Hard Work…?









As the days tick off and the calendar counts down to the Garden Tour. First, note the counter in the right side of the page; only 54 days to go! Today read a VERY brief description of the spaces.  Thanks to Thelma Simons for the  write up.

“The gardens on the tour show what homeowners can do with inspiration and hard work, so bring your cameras to capture great ideas to apply to your own gardens. Both neatly manicured and casual landscaping are included so you can easily find gardens that match your style.

Five out of the seven gardens on the tour belong to Master Gardeners. Most of the gardens contain a water feature, ranging from a dry-creek bed that only fills up when heavy rains occur, to bubblers, ponds, a creek and a view overlooking a lake. ”


Join the countdown!

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