Tour Teasers and Transplants

It’s getting closer..the 2017 Garden Tour! Today you can read more about the seven FABULOUS gardens.

“One amazing country garden offers a dazzling array of plants including a variety of clematis and climbing roses, magnolias, a Seven Son tree, many native plants, blueberry bushes and lots of perennials. You definitely want to allow plenty of time to visit this truly lovely garden.

The neatly manicured garden has lovely hostas, columbine, and a hydrangea bed. Enjoy the sounds in this garden created by the pond and waterfall. Don’t miss the custom iron gate at the back of the property.

A beautiful shade garden includes a large variety of plants, a bubbler and a creek at the bottom of the yard. Check out the tall raised garden beds if you have rabbits raiding your veggie garden.

The garden that overlooks a lake also has a water feature on the patio and various yard art pieces to spark your interest. The backyard is terraced and will be an inspiration for anyone who has to deal with a sloped yard.

One garden has a gorgeous pie-shaped backyard filled with an unusual variety of plants, a beautiful pond built by the homeowner, a giant bubbler, and many day lilies.

Another garden offers both sun and shade garden areas with well-established plant specimens, numerous hellebores, large trees, a huge berm surrounded by rocks, a pond and garden art.

The last garden is the home of a self-confessed plant collector. If you are always trying out new plants, or if you take over more of your yard for flowerbeds each year, this is a garden for you. It offers a variety of perennial and native plants, a decorated path, dry creek bed and small bridge, and an arbor built by the homeowner.


“Pictures and text by Thelma Simons

Selecting Transplants




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Thanks to Evelyn Neier from K-State for the transplant lesson,

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