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With today’s post, I,ll be featuring the gardens.Come back every couple of days to keep up. ENJOY!

Be prepared to stay for a while when you visit Thelma and Bill Simons’ whimsical, casual garden. It has been an inspirational work in progress for over 15 years. One can hardly imagine that when the home was purchased in 1996, there was almost no landscaping except for a big silver maple tree and a few yew bushes around the house.
Thelma is responsible for the work that has been done to create her unique garden. She advises that once she finds a plant she likes and it does well, she buys several varieties of that plant. She also took a woodworking class to build the wooden arbor in the backyard. Even more impressive is the fact that Thelma also dug the dry creek bed and built the small bridge that spans it.
Take time to linger in the front garden. As you approach the driveway you notice the beautiful clematis that climbs over the mailbox. Blue salvia plants border each side of the driveway providing seeds for hungry goldfinches. Walk through the white arbor draped with more clematis and glance down. The stepping stone path is outlined with colorful craft stones and bordered by numerous plants including a Japanese rose and colorful columbine.
As you wander along the path and reach the corner of the house you encounter the sentinel of the garden… an enormous spruce. Its wide and soft branches provide another haven for the many birds that are welcome in the garden.
There is much to view in the back of the house. Children will love to search for the fairy garden and birdhouses. The curving borders contain a wide variety of perennial flowers and bushes and a gazing ball and bird bath remind you that birds are very welcome in this space. Walk through the arbor and across the dry creek by the foot bridge. Close by, at the base of a river birch tree, KU fans will discover a special corner dedicated to their beloved Jayhawks.
Turn to face the back of the house you catch a glimpse of a vibrant red Japanese maple. The bright foliage provides an artistic splash of color against the vivid blue house. Next to the maple is a comfortable bench. It’s the perfect spot to sit for a while and enjoy the view.
As you exit the garden, notice the rain barrel in the corner. The Simons’ grandchildren painted the adorable garden scene complete with trees, gardens and birdhouses.

Thelma’s favorite plants are:
Ruby Slipper Dwarf Hydrangea
Japanese Rose
Princess Diana Clematis
Spring Flurry Serviceberry
Victoria Blue Salvia
Find the right plant for the right space
A little at a time
You can do it

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