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Dave and Andrea Baloga moved to Lawrence 10 years ago. Married 27 years, they’ve lived in numerous states and have always had a garden. Naturally, when they moved to Kansas, a great garden was a priority. Andrea said that she knew they had found their Kansas home the minute she walked through the front door. Just one glimpse through the foyer at the waterfall and pond in the back yard had the family sold.

The previous owners built the pond and waterfall and oversaw the design and planting of the garden beds. Over the years, the Balogas have added and moved plants, removed and planted new trees and generally added their own personality to the garden. Andrea describes their approach to gardening as “casual.”

A tranquil retreat is a good description of this beautiful lawn and garden. As you approach the house, you are greeted by an expansive front border that wraps around the driveway and the sidewalk leading to the front of the house. Giant hostas, coral bells, lambs ear and spider wort accent the beds. A majestic river birch stands as an anchor on the curve.
Take a stroll up the driveway to the side of the house and you will notice that the entire property is meticulously landscaped. A variety of trees have been strategically placed throughout the property to allow a pleasing balance of sun and shade. Some varieties you notice are redbud, smoke tree, Japanese red maple and magnolia. As you reach the edge of the driveway, you will encounter a beautiful four-sided rectangular trellis that belonged to Andrea’s father. Glance to your right and you get your first incredible view of the star of the garden…the waterfall and pond.
Take your time to wander down the flagstone path that approaches the waterfall. Keep your eye out for the sitting yoga frog and the fairy garden accented with Scottish moss. Examine the rock terracing behind the pond and waterfall. Most of the plants and shrubs contained in the berms and borders are perennials such as crape myrtle, cranesbill, yucca, hardy banana tree, herbs and chocolate mint. Sedum is present as a ground cover to help eliminate soil erosion.
About 30 orange koi call the pond home. The pond is deep enough to keep them alive in the winter and safe from the family cat, Bagheera. Sucker fish keep the bottom clean. The lily pads come back naturally each spring.

Dave’s Favorite Plants:
Blueberry bushes
Redbud (The “Paul Tree” planted in honor of Andrea’s father)
Lily pads
Andrea’s Favorite Plants:
Brackens Magnolia
Crape Myrtle
Yellow Missouri Primrose
Tiger Eye Sumac
Plant small. It’s fun to see things grow.
Don’t be afraid to cut things back.
There’s always a project with gardening.

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