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With July heat and limited moisture, watering trees is important. Here’s a helpful video on just that subject.  Video link;

Much of our landscape planting is put in as a xeriscaping planting which means very little water use. But sometimes the trees benefit from some extra water. This is a buried line that we placed barely underneath the mulch. It has in-line emitters. You can see the whole on this line, and there is a hole every foot on the line. You can buy these at your garden center or hardware store.

On this tree that’s about six inches in diameter, we’ve set the line about three feet out from the trunk. If it’s a younger tree, we’d have the line closer to the trunk – perhaps 1 ½ feet away. And as the tree grows, you can dig it up and set the line out further.

You’ll only need to water during drought stressed times of the summer. If you want to install drip irrigation, you can do it yourself. You don’t have to call a plumber or hire a gardener. It’s very easy to do with some basic tools such as a pair of hand pruners.

If this were a small tree that was just recently planted, you’ll need to wrap the line around so that it’s about 1 ½ feet away from the tree all the way around. Snip the line, and splice it together with a T. Imagine that there is a supply line coming up to the tree that’s buried underground. Just attach the line to the T, and the other end is just hooked up to your hydrant. Turn it on, and you’ve got water. Make sure you bury the line under the mulch.

This is a very easy way of watering. Turn it on for about 4-5 hours once a week during drought type weather. If it’s raining, you can leave it alone. If the trees are showing some stress, give them some extra water. It’s the Water Wise way of maintaining young trees.

This feature story prepared with Bob Neier, retired Kansas State University Research and Extension Horticulture Agent, Sedgwick County. For more information, visit your local county extension office or visit our website at Trees can benefit from water during times of drought. An easy way to water trees is by installing a drip irrigation line. This segment covers the basics onstalling your own system.

Thanks to Bob Neier, Extension Agent

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