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“Growing Tomatoes with Flair and Flavor!”

Here is a workshop on the all time favorite vegetable that gardeners want to have success with, the tomato. There’s nothing to compare to the taste of homegrown tomatoes on your dinner menu.In this workshop we will explore some recent studies of tomato taste and flavor with this most staple vegetable.This can be a refresher course, or introduction to tomto growing. Tomatoes can be easy to ne-glect, but with these tips you can make a big difference in being successful at growing a great crop of tasty tomatoes.Our horticulture presenter, Jason Graves, comes to us from K-State as a Central Kansas ,

April 18, 2018 That 10:00 AM.Th is presentation is Free and Open to the Publich.  Held in the Dreher Bthuilding located at the Douglas County Fairgrounds, 2110 Harper, Lawrence, KS



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