MasterGardener2013_268_crpK-State Research and Extension is dedicated to enabling Douglas County residents to grow strong, healthy communities, families, and youth, and to develop safe, sustainable agricultural and environmental practices. We share this information with the people of Douglas County through educational meetings, workshops, conferences, field days, publications, news releases, newsletters, phone calls, radio, television, and websites.

The K-State Research and Extension Douglas County Office is located at the Douglas County Fairgrounds, 2110 Harper, Lawrence, KS  66046-3242. Email to: dg@listserv.ksu.edu

Contact us at 785-843-7058  to learn more about Lawn & Garden, Agriculture & Natural Resources, 4-H, or Family & Consumer Sciences issues in Northeast Kansas.

You find more information about Lawn and Garden here: http://www.douglas.k-state.edu/lawn-garden/index.html

What is the Master Gardener Program?

 The Extension Master Gardener program is a volunteer program that provides training in all aspects of horticulture. Master Gardeners have met specific goals and are a vital part of K-State Research and Extension’s ability to provide accurate, up-to-date and research based information to our customers. Douglas County service activities are coordinated by the local county extension agent  Tom Bulle.r.

Through this program, individuals are trained and certified in horticulture and other related areas. They, in turn, volunteer their expertise and services to help others through horticultural projects that benefit the community.

Extension Master Gardeners provide the latest, research-based information to the public on yard waste management, water conservation, integrated pest management, regional plant adaptability and environmental issues.

Extension Master Gardeners operate a hotline and diagnostic center to provide assistance with plant, pest, and disease identification and management.

Extension Master Gardeners also maintain a demonstration garden, provide educational opportunities through a Speakers Bureau, and introduce children to gardening and environmental management through youth education.

Extension garden projects are fantastic teaching and learning tools and are a source of vegetables and fruit for a nutritious diet. Tree, shrub, and flower garden projects are beautiful and serve useful purposes. Learn more about the Extension Master Gardener program.