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A Time of Recognition

The Extension Master Gardeners  of Douglas County met reccently to recognise the winners of their annual awards. Thanks to Jim Blom for the excellent pictures.  Recipients were; Outstanding EMG volunteer: Lisa Larsen. Outstanding EMG Leader: Roxie McGee. Outstanding New EMG: … Continue reading

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First the Yard, Then the Kitchen

I’ve been slow with the posts lately…no excuse, but mea culpa…Today we do some important work, then we make yummy snacks! Let’s get started. (Thanks to Ward Upham at K-State for today’s content) Draining Hoses and Irrigation Lines Hoses and … Continue reading

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Save the Beauty

Storing Tender Bulbs for Winter             I love spring flowers,especially bulbs. Watch or read this good lesson fro K-State. Video link; Transcript Storing Tender Bulbs for Winter One of the great additions to a summer … Continue reading

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Go Batty!

Do you love wildlife? Do you want to conserve wild critters?                           All programs are Free and  Open to the Public.  

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“Forgotten Victims of Harvey” – the Pollinators

….Or not thought of…           “We recently received the following account of the hurricane and the alarmingly low number of pollinators post-Harvey”. ~Monarch Watch Video link; All rights Monarch Watch

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Transcript: Garlic – Easy to Grow and Store

Garlic – Easy to Grow and Store A good lesson today on one of my favs…homegrown garlic…MMMM! Text included. Video link: Garlic is a member of the allium family. It has lots of relatives that we use in lots of … Continue reading

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Guardian of the Garden

Garden Spiders   People may become concerned when they see a large, noticeable spider setting up shop in or near the garden. These garden spiders feed on insects and are considered beneficial. There are actually two common species of garden … Continue reading

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